You just don’t want to choose something you know won’t be long. We will soon have a dog full of energy and a children’s plan, so we also made a decision about the laminate. We already had to replace a piece because a saw fell on it. We went with a Shaw laminate and really studied how close the grooves were in place. The cheapest product in Chinese does not fit very well and will cause problems that the installer has told us in the future.

Beautiful light-colored maple turns yellow with the application of an oil-based poly. Finishing the hardwood floor on oil costs less, while a component of water will cost considerably more and two components of water will cost even more. Many of our customers Managed Floorcare Rental Service often ask us this question when they buy hardwood floors and the answer is that it depends on it. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, as described in this article. The stone finish determines the amount of care required to maintain the floor.

We were not on vacation this winter and it is already late April and the gaps have not been closed. Click here to discover how Lauzon makes an extra effort for your health and purifies the indoor air with our Pure Genius hardwood floors. Hardwood on the market is now generally available in solid wood and designed hardwood. For the same reasons, certain very light woods, such as maple, are best seen with a water-based poly.

Yes, they exist and you better listen to their advice if you want to keep your floors for years to come. Professional cleaning and maintenance of hardwood floors by Purity drastically improves the appearance of hardwood floors. A tiring process if you are going to spend the money and do it yourself.

It is easy to drain, making it ideal for wooden floors that work best with a barely wet mop. This also helps your floor dry faster, so you don’t have to wait that long to get back to the kitchen or living room. Clean areas with a lot of traffic once a week, such as the kitchen; For less busy areas, mop once a month. Beautiful hardwood floors without cracks and damage are the perfect backdrop for any choice of decoration. Make sure to repair floor damage quickly to avoid deteriorating over time.